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Von Blackwell



Von is so excited to be a park of the KrankFit Team! Physical activity has been a part of Von’s life for a very long time. He fell in love with movement and physical fitness an early age through ballet. Three years ago, Von moved to Nashville from his hometown in Mississippi to pursue an opportunity with the Nashville ballet. However, it was through the course of his training here that he found a new love in personal fitness and health. Von realized fitness and inspiring others to achieve their personal best are among his strongest passions. It is now his intention to share his appreciation of fitness and living a full life everywhere he goes, including with his clients at Krank. Von’s appreciation of form and intensity in a workout stems back to his days training professionally as a ballet dancer. “I love how my body feels after a good workout and I look forward to that experience every day, it’s a lifestyle.” Today, in his career as a personal fitness trainer and strength coach, Von has the best of both worlds – an emphasis on form and an intensity fueled by his love for reaching his own potential and inspiring others to do the same. When Von is not in the gym, you can find him hiking the local trails, traveling with friends and spending time at home.


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