Preferred Partners

Special Partner Deals:

  • Simply Therapeutic Massage: 3 pack of 60min Massages for $294, 3 pack of 90min Massage for $399. Mention KrankFIT to get this great deal!
  • KrankFIT clients can receive $150 off the Healthy Paths signature program OR a get a FREE 1-hour consultation with Laura. Email to learn more!

KrankFIT Preferred Partner Program:

  • Mission: to partner with local, like-minded companies and organizations to bring awareness, unity and wellness to our Nashville community.
  • Value: KrankFIT has been offering dynamic full body workout classes for 10 years – one of the longest standing fitness studios in Nashville. Our clientele is loyal, down to earth, and appreciative of our local small business feel. With our 20+ classes per week, we have a constant flow of clients who are always wanting to learn more, especially when it’s about organizations that have similar values to us. We love to promote any events, services, or special deals to help build our partners’ communities.
  • VIP Pricing: Preferred Partner employees or members will have access to KrankFIT’s VIP membership pricing which locks them in at a very affordable rate. We guaranty that we will provide a safe space for clients to get stronger and grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Exchange: For businesses providing services or products, we would love to provide our clientele with a discount or promotion to your business in exchange for our VIP pricing. A promo swap if you will! We would also exchange business cards, marketing postcards, flyers, etc. to put in each other’s businesses to help spread awareness of our partnership.

Interested in being a partner?