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Nikki Jo Boston

Cycle-50 + HIIT


Originally from Florida, I moved to Nashville in 2013. After 12 years of competitive cheerleading, and 3 years traveling with the Universal Cheerleaders Association, I found my way to South Florida. There I continued my love for fitness, dance and leading a crowd by spending three years as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader. I have always loved sweating it out in the gym; but, I became increasingly bored with my cardio routine. While endurance training for football games in the Florida heat and recovering from a series of ACL injuries, I found my love for indoor cycling. I instantly became addicted to the music, the atmosphere, and the incredible high of being on the bike. When I moved to Nashville, Krank was the first place that made me feel at home. It was my stress reliever, my meditation, my safe place. I love my Krank Family, I love our Krank community, and I hope my second home will become yours.


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