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Natalie Hennessey



Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Natalie moved to Nashville for college in 2012 and began studying social work. She is a big long-distance runner but once that started leading to injuries, she found that cycling gave her the same type of stress relief, cardio, and a killer workout. When Natalie first found Krank, she found herself looking forward to her time In the spin room and leaving each class feeling like she gave it 110%.. she was hooked! Krank was the first workout she had done that she could really see changes in her body and has helped build muscle without sacrificing her love for cardio. One of her favorite things about Krank compared to any other gym is the community. Krank is energizing, welcoming to all, and an inspiring group of badass people who work hard!


In Natalie’s classes, you can expect hip hop, rap and pop music to motivate and get you fired up so you can zone out of everything else and feel strong as you give your best ride.


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