Jenn Nestler



Jenn has been an instructor at Krank since 2017, but she is also our Studio Manager and Director of Operations! While she was growing up, her mom taught was a personal trainer and cycle instructor, so Jenn actually took her first cycle class when she was just 12 years old and seriously has been hooked ever since. Jenn is the epitome of a busy body – always craving movement and action, whether that’s through a workout, having a productive work day, running errands, cooking, etc. She truly loves to do it all. Jenn let’s her business background and love for health and fitness lead her to try and make KrankFIT your favorite place to be!


Jenn knows that being able to sweat, breath, grow, and heal in a dark room with amazing music is something everyone needs to experience. Her classes are built to have a challenging mix of hill climbs, quick surges and sprints, and tons of full body strength moves. Jenn also strives to touch every type of client with her playlists – a variety of top hits, throwbacks, rock, rap… you name it!


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