First Timers

First timer? No worries!
Here’s what to expect.

All fitness levels are encouraged. No matter your fitness journey,
there’s a place for you at KrankFIT!



Click the ‘Sign Up’ button below and click on the title of the class you’d like to join. Follow the prompts to create an account then purchase the New Client deal (3 classes for $30) or you can always just do a drop-in!



Please arrive to the studio 15 minutes before class so we can give you a tour of the studio, introduce you to the instructor, and get you setup on your bike or at your Circuit station! Let the instructor know of any injuries or concerns you may have before the start of class.



This is what you came for! Let the instructor’s cues and the music carry you through. Always go at your own pace and do what feels best for your body. Have questions? Don’t be afraid to ask… that’s what we’re here for!

Take the leap and sign up for your first class now!

Watch this short video to learn about our bikes
and how to get setup before your first class!

Curious about our Circuit classes?
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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear and bring?

We suggest wearing athletic wear that is breathable and comfortable. If you are cycling, we suggest form fitting shorts or leggings. Bring your own sweat towel and water (but if you forget we sell these at the front desk)!

Do I get to pick my own bike or Circuit station?

Yes! Once you’ve selected your class of choice, you will see a graphic of the Cycle or Circuit room setups. You can then choose your bike or starting station!

Do I need my own cycle shoes?

We provide you with a complimentary pair of cycling shoes for every class. If you prefer to bring your own, just be sure they have SPD cleats.

What if I have an injury that prevents me from doing part of a Circuit class?

No worries at all! When you arrive, just let the instructor know what injuries you have and they can give you modifications to ensure you still get a great full body workout.