Classes We Offer

Things to Know

  • Walk-ins are NOT accepted. Must pre-book online to ensure you have a spot in class.
  • Must cancel within 8 hours of class time to avoid a $15 cancellation fee.
  • No shows will be charged $20.
  • PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY. If you are more than 3 minutes late, you will not be allowed to join the class.

Krank classes

Krankfit Cycle

For us, a great ride all begins with the music. KrankFIT Instructors are super serious about curating a musical journey that fuels the ride. Our drills are HIIT-based and are curated to elevate your endurance and get you breathless. Each instructor brings a unique personality and puts their own “spin” on the drills which makes every single ride different. Your time, your space, your ride. It’s more than just sweating in a dark room with amazing music - it’s about letting go of our daily stresses and feeling an emotional shift by the end of the ride. There’s a reason we’ve been voted the toughest ride in Nashville, so come see what it’s all about!

KrankFit Circuit

KrankFIT Circuit is a 60-minute dynamic total body workout that combines strength, cardio, rowing, and high-intensity interval training to build muscle and endurance. Each class consists of six 8 minute rounds, keeping you moving and motivated with just enough time at the end to burn out your core. While each class is designed to challenge, all levels are welcome as our instructors can modify any of the classes to your fitness level and needs.