Tips To Achieve Optimal Rest

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Tips To Achieve Optimal Rest

Work, Recover, Repeat: Tips To Achieve Optimal Rest

You crushed your last workout. Congrats! We all know and love the endorphin high we feel after a great workout. You probably can’t wait to come back and go after it again, right?! While it might be tempting to jump right back in the gym day after day, you may want to think twice. Exercising regularly is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle, but you can’t forget how important it is to take a breather and give your body the rest time it needs to recover. You want the best results possible when it comes to fitness, and that’s why it’s important to remember that getting quality rest in between workouts is crucial!

These tips will help you get the much-needed rest that your body craves in order to recover and be prepared to kill it during your next gym session.

1) Take Advantage of the Warm Up & Cool Down

We take the time to do these for a reason. Dynamic stretching during your warm up and static stretching for your cool down are important ways to protect yourself from injury and reduce soreness after a workout. Be sure to mix it up and give different muscles some attention. Not taking advantage of these crucial times can lead to injury and really, who’s got time for that? A few minutes before and after your workout can prevent you from having to take time off to heal, so why not?!

2) Sleep Is Your Friend

Catching quality zzz’s does the body good. You need to get enough sleep (we’re talking 8ish hours of quality sleep) in order to get the kind of rest that makes your body feel recharged. While you’re sleeping, your body works to repair muscles and help you get ready for the next day’s activities. And it goes without saying, but you’re far less likely to look for excuses to skip a workout when you feel energized and well rested!

3) Fuel Up

Hydration Matters and Nutrition are a deadly combination. Eating right helps to fuel your body and increase performance. Find a meal plan that works for you and always keep healthy snacks on hand for a pre or post workout boost. In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, keep in mind that hydration is key. The best way to hydrate is to drink plenty of water throughout the day, which is critical to health, energy, recovery and overall performance.

Taking advantage of rest days and giving your body the time it needs to recuperate will help you feel better and perform better for the long ride. Put these tips to action and you’ll be ready to dominate your next class at KrankFit!

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