The Structure Of The Ride

Nashville Cycling Studio - Structure Of The Ride

The Structure Of The Ride

You know that great feeling you get after (or during) a workout? The one that makes you feel like you’re seriously crushing it and could keep going forever? That’s an awesome feeling, right? Well, feeling that way is no accident – that’s our main goal! At KRANKFIT, we want you to experience that rush of endorphins that really helps kick your ride into overdrive.

Besides having our ahh-mazing trainers pushing you harder than you ever thought possible, although we love a Core Jump, Push-ups, Triceps and Tap Backs…we want to talk about the structure of the ride and why we do it!

HIIT Traning To Build Endurance

When it comes to cycling, endurance is important! By building your endurance, you can also improve speed, strength, and your overall fitness level. Pretty cool, right? We think so! That’s why during our classes, we work to help our Krankers work on their endurance through more than just constant exercises – we focus on rest by incorporating High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into our round design. Whether you’re in one of our cycle or strength classes you can expect to perform some sort of HIIT exercise.

With HIIT, you go from attack to rest, spring to rest, surge to rest, and so on. Our trainers take HITT training seriously, and sometimes you’ll notice that the rest we do is an active rest, such as jumps or a 9 hill slow climb. Remember that even during these active exercises, it’s important to take the time to let your body rest!

Why HIIT instead of just nonstop cycling? Because the benefits of pushing yourself to the max are incredible. Not only do you crush calories during your exercise, but you get an “afterburn” where, essentially, you burn calories after you exercise. Switching between high-and-low intensity activity is a great way to effectively boost your cardio strength, which makes your heart stronger and helps you to be active longer.

How do our trainers incorporate HIIT and endurance into our workouts?

  • In shorter classes, the HIIT portion helps you to burn more calories as you ride.
  • Throughout every ride, your endurance is building. This helps you ride better and hit that sweet spot where you feel almost invincible as you’re peddling along.
  • HIIT almost makes you stronger in your endurance work by helping to get your heart rate up and blood flowing.
  • Surge and Attacks. You’ve definitely experienced a surge while riding in one of our classes. Basically, our surges can be anywhere from 10 seconds – 2 minutes. Speed combined with resistance helps to give you a boost because your legs are totally engaged!

At KRANKFIT we design our rides with YOU in mind. At our cycling studio, we want to help you achieve your fitness goals, unleash those endorphins, rock out to the music, and ultimately, leave our studio drenched in sweat and feeling like a total badass! Whether you’re crushing it on the bike or feeling the burn during a 30/30 Body blast, remember that you’re getting better and building up your endurance every single day – which ultimately help to make you better.

Ready to HIIT it up? Sign up for a class now and show us what you got!

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