KRANK 30/30: Add Power To Your Cardio

KRANKFIT 30/30 Class

KRANK 30/30: Add Power To Your Cardio

Strength and Cardio – A Mighty Team

KrankFIT 30/30 class is the most efficient hour of workout. Metabolic rate determines how well your body burns energy. Muscle strength increases your metabolic rate. Better metabolic rate, better calorie burn in cardio, SO WHY NOT PUT THEM TOGETHER? This class includes 30 minutes of cycling followed by 30 minutes of strength, The cardio doesn’t stop in the cycle room, Krank ups the level of your strength work by using HIIT. 30/30 never stops keeping your body guessing, as soon as there’s recovery, you are on again. You’ll boost your body’s energy and experience all the benefits of cross-training.

Always Challenging, Always Different.

We all know that doing too much of the same thing can get boring, especially when it comes to your workout. Our indoor cycling and strength classes are designed to provide you with unique workouts every time you step into the gym. Our 30/30 is the most efficient hour of the day, which means you’re going to sweat…a lot! When you do excessive repetitions or routines, your body adapts to the movements. By changing up your fitness routine with cross-training, you’ll be able to train hard more constantly, and you’ll ultimately perform better.

We pride ourselves on providing the toughest ride in town, so why not take advantage of a kick-ass ride and get stronger with strength training? Strength training can help boost your energy, improve your mood, and help increase mobility and posture–all while making you leaner. Adding cross-training to your workout routine can help you perform better! Isn’t that why we all come to Krank? To get better and to push ourselves like never before? We hope so because our instructors are going to push you hard, at our cycling studio you’re going to sweat, and we promise you’ll absolutely love it.

Push Yourself To The Limit

Whenever you come to KrankFIT, you’re going to have a killer workout. Whether you’re pedalling beyond the beat in our Cycle-50 class, learning the best moves using the TRX Suspension training during our STRENGTH class, or hitting up 30/30 for a taste of each, every workout at our studio is different. With KrankFIT you get an always changing workout, which means you’ll never know what you expect and never get bored. Are you ready to take on a new challenge? Check out the schedule and come visit us!

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