Fuel Your Workout With Music

KrankFIT Music Month

Fuel Your Workout With Music

Everyone knows that the best workouts happen when you have the perfect playlist to really get you pumped up. Whether you’re into hard guitar riffs, breakup anthems, or funky beats, the perfect song can take you from zero to 60 before the bass even drops.

Every one of our workouts at KrankFIT are powered by music (we’re living in Music City, after all). Each instructor puts together a playlist that helps our riders become immersed in their workout. At Krank you know it’s time to kick things into gear when the lights dim and the music turns up. When the bass starts pumping through the speakers, you can push everything else aside and focus on one thing… your workout.

Benefits of Music

1) Kick Up The Tempo, Kick Up The Effort
Why is music such an important part of the KrankFIT workout? Because everyone has that one song that can send them straight into beast mode. That’s why our playlists are put together with songs that motivate you to work hard, pedal strong, and make our time together the most efficient hour of your day.

2) Helps You Escape
At KrankFIT, we want to make your time with us the most efficient hour of your day. When you walk into our studio you are able to leave everything else behind. Don’t think about that deadline coming up, the idiot that cut you off in traffic, or your ongoing to-do list. Instead… throw on your cycling shoes, let the beat of the music take over, and dive into your workout.

3) The Perfect Mood Booster
Nothing can help put you in a good mood like your favorite song! Our goal is to motivate you to move and really get those endorphins pumping. With the lights off and the music turned up, the mood is set for an immersive, adrenaline-inducing fitness experience. After class, you’ll leave with a smile on your face and feel the burn of a high-quality workout. There’s no other high like it!

Blast From The Past

Throughout June we’ve been celebrating Music Month here at KrankFIT. Each week we’ve been busting our asses by pedaling along to the hits that defined the past decades (along with a few guilty pleasures). One class featured colorful pop hits of the 80s, while another grinded to 90s hip hop, maybe someone played that song you thought you had forgotten from the 00s and another blasted Today’s Hits loudly from the speakers. Whether you were singing along with no shame, or just pedaling so fast like your life depended on it – we’d like to say thank you to all of those that came along for the ride. We’ve had a blast getting our sweat on while listed to these playlists!

Our instructors do their best to find the perfect songs to really get our classes pumped up! We know that everyone has that go-to song that really puts you “in the zone.” Have a song that is a MUST when you hit the gym? You’re always welcome to put in a request! We love adding new songs to the mix. Just shoot us a note and tell us what you want to heat.

What’s Next at KRANKFIT?

You’ll have to come to class to find out!

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