Find Your Motivation


Find Your Motivation

Some KrankFIT instructors are doing The Whole30 this month. Doesn’t sound familiar? The 30-day nutritional program that “pushes the reset button,” (Yes, some KrankFIT instructors are going dry!)

But hitting your body’s reset button doesn’t require a proper program. It just takes motivation and persistence. My return to yoga is a great example. After a hiatus—six years building Krank and new twin boys—last year I started to practicing yoga again. The first time back totally self-conscious of my time away, I found a place where I couldn’t see anyone and started from the beginning. The time off left me rusty. I couldn’t do crazy arm balances and fold myself in half. But I went back each week, because I was determined to find my practice again. My body gradually remembered, but more challenging I decided not to muscle my way through time on the mat, but breathe. FOR ONCE. A month later I was reminded why yoga is so important to me and 6 months later I was hooked again. Although I prefer crushing a TRX strength workout or a 90-minute spin, those workouts are made better by yoga. My body looks better with yoga. Ha! Yes vanity is my main motivation, but the quiet still on the mat brings me back.

You don’t have to do The Whole30 to improve your body and health. But you might try committing to something—food, exercise, you name it—for 30 days. Make the commitment and instead of just counting the days until it is done—FIND THE MOTIVATION your reason to keep going and MAKE IT PART OF YOUR EVERYDAY.

I love our KrankFIT community. I hope these three months give you power and motivation.

– Sarah Jane Hill

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