Create The Perfect Diet Plan For Your Goals

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Create The Perfect Diet Plan For Your Goals

Create The Perfect Diet For Your Workout Goals

You’ve heard the sayings before…“you can’t outwork a bad diet,” or perhaps “abs are made in the kitchen.” You can come into the gym and bust your ass (which is awesome), but when it comes to reaching your fitness goals – you’ve got to keep your eating in check. Why? Because nutrition is important! Think of your body like a car – you can’t put in crap and expect it to perform at its best. Trust us – eating right has numerous health benefits that go way beyond that silly number on the scale. We’re talking more energy, better sleep, improved performance and all around just feeling better.

Want to step up your food game but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, you don’t just have to start from scratch! We’ve got the inside scoop on what three of your favorite Krank Instructors are whipping up in the kitchen.

What’s Krank Instructor Faith Benson Eating?

Twice a year, I pick a friend (or two) and do a month of the Whole30. These are my favorite times of the year because I love the way the Whole30 gives me total control over my life, my body, and pushes me to eat things outside of my normal diet. The rules are clear and the food is delicious, and I am still able to do the things I love (like hang out with friends and teach killer cycling classes).

However, it’s not feasible to maintain a totally Whole30-approved diet indefinitely. When I’m not on the Whole30, I stick to a protein-heavy diet on most days…and eat whatever the hell I want on others. Balance is key. For breakfast, I’ll usually do oatmeal with almonds, flax, blueberries, and honey, followed by a salad of some kind with plant protein for lunch (shout out to the Chop Shop on Elliston!). If I teach a cycling class in the evening, I always go through the Whole Foods salad bar for the garlic green beans and wheat berry salad for dinner; otherwise, I’ll do veggies with a fried egg and avocado on top. Simple, easy, and doesn’t take any planning at all. I love having simple staples around that can easily be dressed up, as it makes choosing healthy foods easy and fulfilling!

How Does Krank Instructor Meghan D’Amico Fuel Up?

I eat mostly a plant based diet, but am technically pescatarian.  When I was younger, I ate a lot of red meat and loved it… but, as I’ve gotten older (once I hit college, really) I’ve found that my body feels more efficient on a mostly plant based diet. I will still have the occasional bite of (high quality) meat from time to time if I feel my body needs the extra protein or iron.

I suppose it all started as a kind of joke with my sister. She and I decided to go without meat for one month to see if we could do it. We come from an Italian family that is still and always has been heavy on (delicious) meat filled pasta dishes. I have to be honest, it was hard… really hard. We both craved deli meat, cheese burgers, steak, we wanted it all! But we somehow stuck it out and got through a month without eating any meat!

After that, we just kept with it and began to notice a lighter feeling stomach and a clearer head. We both have been vegetarians for almost 10 years now! On a physical aspect my body feels lighter, leaner, and stronger. Mentally, my head is clearer and I feel I am better able to listen to what my body needs from food more efficiently. Like I said, I will still indulge in a few bites from time to time, (especially during holidays!) but for the most part I am all plants with eggs and fish every now and then. I understand this diet is not for everyone, but personally have had only a positive reaction from it and intend on sticking with it until I feel, or my doctor tells me otherwise!

Sarah Jane Dishes On Her Eating Habits

“You can drink or eat, but you cannot do both” or “Do more with less.” This mantra is for the gorgeous community over 40. We live our lives in stronger bodies than in our 20’s. We do things that we have never done—like pull-ups, box jumps and jump rope double unders. We pride ourselves on the fact that we look younger than our age. But sadly, we cannot eat pasta at midnight after 2 bottles of wine.

The way I eat is ultimately clean. Oil and vinegar (the best oil and vinegar) dress my salads. I use a lot of fresh herbs, dry mustard and hot sauce for taste. The majority of my food has a crunch to it, with nothing being too over cooked. My diet is ultimately plant-based, with tempeh, tofu, beans, and eggs making up about 80% of my proteins. I eat fish often, and red meat rarely (however, I do love a pork chop every once in awhile). I cook my meals at home, allowing me to explore different yummy and new clean, vegetarian or vegan recipes.

By design, I consume a small amount of calories during the week. Giving myself some wiggle room during the weekend. As I get older, I have reduced my daily calorie limit each year.  Since I allow myself fewer calories, that means that every calorie I eat counts. So if something isn’t brilliant – I pass it up. To sum it all up, I control what I eat, which gives me the ease to have a glass of wine every night and feel amazing!

Your Body. Your Diet.

Are you inspired to change-up your diet? Or do you want to give either Whole30 or a plant-based diet a try? Go for it! You can do anything if you put your mind to it. You just have to find the right plan for you. Have questions about healthy eating? Feel free to chat up our instructors before or after class for their tips!

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