Come Krank It Up A Notch! (But Let’s Warm Up First).

KrankFIT Warm Up Tips

Come Krank It Up A Notch! (But Let’s Warm Up First).

We’re going to be honest, heading into a workout full-throttle is a good way to get yourself hurt, and no one wants to get sidelined by an injury. Your body needs a chance to rev itself up, to get your heart rate pumping, and to prepare your muscles for action. When it comes to attacking a ride, you never want to go from zero to sixty! Instead, our KrankFIT instructors are here to keep you focused, away from injuries, and benefiting from your every workout when you visit our cycling studio.

Say No To Sore Muscles

For starters, warm-up can help your body prepare for intense activity. The more intense the exercise, the more important warming up properly becomes. Whether you are coming into a KrankFIT or for a KRANK STRENGTH class or for one of our cycling classes, it’s always a good idea to get your blood pumping. Increasing blood flow can actually help your muscles by improving endurance and reducing the risk of future strains and pulls.

Benefits of a proper warm up include:

  • Reduced Chance of Injury – Be gentle with your body and do not make yourself do anything before you are ready. Blowing through a warm-up and not taking the time to properly prepare yourself can cause muscle strains and injuries.
  • Mental Preparation – You’re about to have the most efficient hour of your day at the toughest spin class in Nashville. You have to get yourself psyched up for that! We’re trying to make you sweat and, ultimately, crush it on the bike!
  • Improve Range of Motion – Loosen your joints, improve blood flow, and give your body some time to overcome any stiffness (especially if you’ve been sitting at a desk all day).

At KrankFIT we attack our warm-ups and then gradually increasing the intensity of your ride. If you’re a regular Kranker, you may notice that our classes are built around attacks and rests. This means you will go between steady cycling and bursts of increased speed (or sprints).

End Strong With A Cool Down

After any type of workout, a cool down is essential in helping your body to recover and to prepare for your next training session. A cool down helps reduce your heart rate and aids in recovery. Common cool downs include: low-to-moderate intensity exercises and stretching.

Cool down benefits:

  • Circulate blood and oxygen to muscles – Helps to restore your body to normal.
  • Lower heart rate – Along with actually cooling down your body temperature, it’s important to get your heart rate back to it’s normal state. 
  • Reduce the risk of muscle soreness – You just made your muscles work hard, and now they need some love!


You know that high you get from crushing a workout? We LOVE that! Now that we’ve got you all pumped up to come try our indoor cycling workout, why not show us what you’ve got in your next KrankFIT class? Check out our spin class schedules and come see us!

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