6 Signs That Your Body Needs a Rest Day

6 Signs Your Body Needs Rest Day

6 Signs That Your Body Needs a Rest Day

You’ve worked out every day this week and your fitness goals are being met… but you’re forgetting one thing. Rest. We’ve all experienced the workout high that oftentimes leads us to  neglect what our bodies really need. You’re thinking “neglect my body? I’ve been so good this week!” But do you actually know what is going on with your body while you’re working out? You are essentially traumatizing your body a bit when you work out, creating micro tears in your muscles. When your muscles repair themselves, they grow stronger.

However, the more you workout, the more stress you put on your body. If you’re not taking a rest day, how are your muscles going to repair themselves? By not taking time off to let your body repair itself, you may be causing your body more harm than good. So, before injury hits you, let’s talk about some tell tale signs that your body is saying it needs some time off.

1. You’re Stiff All The Time

If your back aches to pick something up off the group or your knees ache all the time, you may be putting too much stress on your body. If your body doesn’t have proper mobility you are at a higher risk for injury. Ignoring the pain completely can turn into a strain that puts you out of exercise commission for much longer than the one or two rest days your body needs.

2. Your Urine Is Dark

Last month we focused on proper hydration – however, many of us start to exercise when we are already dehydrated. There is no better sign to tell if you’re dehydrated than using the restroom. One of the most common culprits is attending a happy hour the night before attending a morning workout or draining cups of coffee throughout the day. Your body takes at least 45 minutes to recover from dehydration. It is a lot easier to relax, stretch and drink H20 than to risk injury from your body being too stiff due to dehydration.

3. Constantly Tired Or Moody

It’s okay to hit snooze every once in awhile, but if you feel like you are never fully awake throughout the day, that’s an issue. Sleep is the best medicine for overworked muscles. Moodiness and fatigue are also indications that you are overtraining your body.

4. You’re always sore

There is a difference between being sore from an awesome workout and being sore for an uncomfortable amount of time after a workout. If you are exercising regularly, you shouldn’t constantly be feeling sore. Allow your muscles 24 to 48 hours to recover between training. Yes, there is such a thing as overtraining. This happens when body isn’t healing itself properly so it goes into overdrive, resulting in excessive soreness.

5. You Are Nauseous While Working Out

While yes, sometimes intense workouts you might feel like you could become sick. Feeling sick right after the warm up however, is a sign that you have totally overworked your body and you need a break.

6. You’re Unable To Relax

As we all know, exercise has positive effect on reducing those negative, depressing symptoms. Thanks to endorphins, workouts often make us feel like we can conquer the world! Skipping one too many rest days however, can cause the opposite to happen. Soon enough you could become irritable and snappy at your friends and family for no reason.

So now that we have convinced you that taking a rest day is more than okay –  find out how you can incorporate rest days into your workout routine.

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