1000 Calorie Ride


1000 Calorie Ride


Wonder what the benefits of spin class are? We dare you to experience it yourself! On November 5th, KRANK Fit Nashville spin studio in Green Hills will be hosting our 1000 calorie ride. For the veterans, it will be business as usual. For the newcomer, get ready to bring your ‘A game’.

Need some reasons to hit the saddle?

Our Instructors


Get Lost in The Music

Nikki Jo & Sarah-Jane will keep you on the beat with the assistance of our professional DJ. That’s right, class will be professionally DJ’d to make sure that you’re performing at your peak the entire ride. Spin class is always a challenge – that’s why we’re here, to motivate you!

Leave It At The Door

Riding at KRANK Fit isn’t about keeping up with your social networks – besides, we can all agree we need a break from recent events. So forget that big project you have that’s due or the car that cut you off – it’s time to get down to business and leave it all at the door. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a reason to ‘Gram about it after you leave.

Burn Calories

Yeah, we said it! 1000 calories. That means, that we don’t stop until the instructor has burned 1000 calories. How will you stack up?! Bring your fitness watches, you’re going to want to see how your results stack up against the rest of the group!


Register HERE for our 1000 calorie ride and learn more about what Nashville’s hottest spin studio has to offer.

BONUS POINTS: How many calories did you burn?! Share a pic with us from the 1000 Calorie Ride on Instagram: @KrankNashville and use #1000CalorieRide to be entered to win a class pass + free T-Shirt + high fives all around!

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